My Books

Books that I have written and edited:

“So that my students will know more about their music than I did when I was a student.”


Vaccai’s Practical Method of Italian Singing. G. Schirmer, NYC
Based on the first edition (1834). Three keys.

Foundations in Singing, 5th through 8th editions.    McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., NYC
Textbook + anthology of 72 songs, with accompaniment CDs.


1) L’Aria Barocca. Leyerle Publications, Geneseo NY
12 arias from early manuscripts and first editions. Two keys.

2) Expressive Singing Song Anthology, 3rd edition. McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., NYC
Revised the work of Dr. Van A. Christy. 54 songs in six languages. Three keys. (OP)

3) 26 Italian Songs and Arias. Alfred Publishing Co., Van Nuys CA
From early manuscripts and first editions. Two keys, accompaniment CDs. (See “Publications Abroad” at the end of this page.)

4) Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Eras Alfred Publishing Co.
26 arias from early manuscripts and first editions. Three keys, accompaniment CDs.

5) Italian Songs from the Romantic Era. With Patricia Adkins Chiti. 14 songs from first editions. Alfred Publishing Co. Two keys.
Recorded accompaniments by Francesco Russo, pianist.

6) 12 Songs by Mozart.   Alfred Publishing Co. Two keys.

7) 24 Songs by Felix Mendelssohn and Fanny Hensel.   Alfred Publishing Co. Two keys.

(8) 16 Songs by Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.   Alfred Publishing Co.
All published for the first time with permission of the Mendelssohn Archive, Berlin. Two keys.

9) 20 Songs by Donizetti
From manuscripts and first editions. Alfred Publishing Co. Two keys.

10) Songs and Duets by García, Malibran and Viardot
With Patricia Adkins Chiti. 14 numbers. Alfred Publishing Co. Two keys.

11) Spanish Theater Songs
With Carol Mikkelsen. 12 songs. Alfred Publishing Co. Two keys.

12)  12 Cantatas, by Rosanna Marcello, née Scalfi.  Contralto voice and continuo. With Deborah Hayes.  ClarNan Editions, Fayetteville AR.


Brahms Liebeslieder
Conductor’s score (including parts for two pianos) and chorus parts. Alfred Publishing Co.


1) Gateway to German Diction. Alfred Publishing Co.
Book + pronunciation CD. (Teacher Supplements also available)

2) Gateway to German Lieder. Alfred Publishing Co.
48 songs. Two keys, with two accompaniment CDs.

3) Gateway to Italian Diction. Alfred Publishing Co.
Book + pronunciation CD. (Teacher Supplements also available)

4) Gateway to Italian Art Songs. Alfred Publishing Co.
31 songs (incl two solo cantatas). Two keys, with two accompaniment CDs.

5) Gateway to French Diction Alfred Publishing Co.
Book + pronunciation CD.  (Released November, 2012 (Teacher Supplements to be available)

6) Gateway to French Mélodies.  Alfred Publishing Co.
39 songs and 2 duets. Two keys, with two accompaniment CDs.  (Released May, 2012)

All accompaniment CDs are recorded by Joan Thompson, pianist, except as noted.
All editions supply translations, historical background and phonetics in IPA.


26 Italian Songs and Arias has been published in three Asian countries.  In each case the songs appear with Italian texts, but my commentaries and translations are in the language of the country.

1) Japanese, translated by Akiko Masumoto, Tetsuyo Akiyama, and Yasushi Shiba, Tokyo, 2001.

2) Korean, translated by Dr. Chung Hee Shinn, Sangjiwon Co., Seoul, 2003.

3) Chinese, translated by Dan Shen, Shanghai Music Publishing, 2009.

6 Responses to My Books

  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you so much for the gateway series in French. I have placed an order with several publishers to purchase the Gateway to French Diction Teacher Supplements but no one seems to have a copy of it.

    Is it available? Have you completed its writing? If yes, is there any way I could obtain this from you?

    Thank you again for a great collection. I have bought them all twice, one to use for my university teaching and the other for my personal collection. I love books.

    Cheers, Daniel.

    • admin says:

      I hope I got to you with an email. The Teacher Supplements are purchased online and are downloadable. They have not been published as hard copy.

  2. D. Ja'Mont Alexander says:

    Dear Dr. Paton,

    I am a 34 year young lyric high Baritone. I am completing my senior year studies at Jackson State University for a Baccalaureate Degree. My ultimate goal is to receive my D.M.A. in voice performance. I love some operas, but my heart lives in the small intimate world of art songs. I am terribly interested in researching, studying, and performing the music of Herr Robert Franz. Sadly, in America, he’s not known and, to date, I have been able to find solely one company (Peters Edition) that has published, at the most, 50 songs. I know he composed approximately 250 – 300 songs. I was thinking about applying for a Fulbright and studying with Mitsuko Shirai insomuch as she’s recorded his music and teaches at Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe or at the very Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) where Herr Robert Franz taught, which contains his personal manuscripts donated by his daughter in 1920. I would in interested in studying his music, but I would like to study voice while I am there.

    If I can procure a Fulbright grant application, then would you be interested in helping me so that I can augment my chances of receiving the Fulbright? Please help me in any way you can or refer me to someone you know who will be of invaluable assistance to me.


  3. Cheri Stark says:

    Looking forward to the French Melodie collection! I use the Italian and German quite a bit and love having the recorded accompaniment CDs– that’s a great benefit! Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

  4. I use your publications in my teaching all the time! I cannot wait for the Gateway to French Melodie publication! It will go into the queue of required texts for my students!

  5. Pamela Z says:

    I have fond memories using Vaccai’s Practical Method of Italian Singing while studying with John in the late seventies!

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